When And Why To Hire A Temp Staffing Agency

Recently, our team was working with a client on his company’s growth strategy. One of the challenges he faces is the fluctuation of the workload within the company. Usually, he gets a constant number of orders throughout the year, but during particular seasons, he receives more orders. The feasible solution to handle work seasonality and workload fluctuation is to partner with a temp staffing agency.

The term “temp staffing” refers to hiring temporary workers to work on short-term assignments or to support your team during particular seasons. While the temp workers work for you, the administrative and part of the legal responsibility lies with the staffing agency. The staffing agency will handle all the financial and administrative tasks for you.

Here is why you should hire a temp staffing agency if you face the same challenge:

Lower your operational costs

The cost-per-hire includes all the expenses associated with the hiring cycle. Starting with job advertising to managing the applications and the tracking system, to pre-screening to interviewing, etc. All those costs add up to large sums, while the results are not guaranteed nor the quality of hire.

If your workload varies or you might need extra hands during specific seasons, then working with a staffing agency will give you the workforce you need while the agency will handle the process for you. You will also be able to cut all the direct costs related to the hiring process.

Get access to market-specific knowledge

The way staffing industry works depend on maintain niche and speciality. There are staffing agencies specialized in the IT sector; some are in admin and accounting, some are in the food industry or manufacturing, and so on.

Those agencies have comprehensive databases of both active and passive job seekers in their niche market and the target geographical location. They also have the technical capacity to evaluate and screen candidates based on the skills and job requirements you specify.

Speed up the hiring process

The traditional hiring process might require weeks or even month and the workforce of a team. Staffing agencies work all the time to enrich their databases and conduct the necessary steps of screening and interviewing, which makes them ready to send you a short list of potential candidates in a tight time.

Some staffing agencies set their service-level to fill a vacancy within 12 to 24 hours depending on the position and the skills and qualifications required.

Post-hiring service

Post-hiring service is another important reason to consider hiring through a temp agency, as the staffing agency will provide you with other services such as payroll management, employment insurance and WSIB claims.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the flexibility of working with temp staffing agency is also an important consideration when dealing with fluctuating workloads and seasonal work.

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