Corporita’s team helps you improve the performance of your business by designing the right systems to support your business processes and operational excellence. We manage the complete transformation cycle across different functional units.

What we offer:

Implementing Business Systems Including Conversion And Integration

Starting with a thorough review of the business requirements and established processes, our consultants identify areas of improvement and map out the business processes and develop a project plan. Then we build a validation system to test out all recommendations and system functionalities. Once the system goes live, we continue providing ongoing support.

Operational Excellence, Business Process Management And Re-Engineering

Our senior consultants will work with your senior level managers to identify process optimization, cost optimization and scaling opportunities. In addition, the team will work on recommending operations simplifying models and tools to drive significant improvements and alignment with your strategic priorities.

Change Management And Transformation

We provide full-fledged change management services including :

  • Awareness Management: Communications and 360 Surveys
  • People-related Risk Management: Job-related challenges and Organizational Culture
  • Training and Education: Information Sessions and Cases
  • Skills-sets Development: On-the-Job training programs and workshops
  • Change Sustainability Management: Recognition Programs