At Corporita Consulting, we consider strategy our primary focus. We work closely with our clients to guide them crush their competition, allocate resources efficiently, and empower their teams to perform at their best.

Our strategy consulting expertise includes:

Corporate Strategy And Business Planning

At Corporita Consulting, we believe that a target without a plan is an aimless target, so we offer strategic planning by our experts and consultants who will help you develop comprehensive, reality-based, accountable, action-oriented strategic plans. Our expertise extends to many varied industries and business situations.

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting your business or an experienced business person, we will help you develop your business strategy to be your roadmap for your business success. When working together, we will be able to guide you to build your business case, set your strategic goals, perform financial modelling and more. Click here to learn more about Corporita’s strategy crafting process.

Corporita’s Leadership Incubator And Succession Planning

At Corporita we believe that what you seed is what you reap, so We train aspiring leaders to face the future challenges and be prepared for the grand role they play in business in the future.

We link aspiring leaders with senior and experienced leaders, who introduce the leaders of the future to real-life examples of the world of business and guide them on how to act in different professional situations. They will be exposed to the leadership problems, decision points, considerations, and impacts.

The incubator program consists of multiple sessions on Radical Self Leadership, Strategy Design and Execution, Planning, Executive Decision Making, Building and Sustaining Business Ethos, Change and Adaptation, Resilience and Mental Toughness, Organizational Dynamics, Mentoring and Succession Planning, Metrics and Measures, and Team Building and Cohesion.

Business Modelling

Business modelling focuses on the value that can be derived from a business. At Corporita, our team of business model designers and consultants dedicated to developing the right model that fits our client’s needs. Our team will conduct in-depth research and build the business model which can help our clients price, advertise and distribute their products and services.

In addition to the well-known business modelling tools and approaches, we have developed our own template and integrated process of business modelling. Our method depends on working with internal players (firm’s employees and managers) and external players and stakeholders (such as customers, suppliers, and investors) ; and articulate the business will transform inputs (capital, raw materials, know-how and labour) into outputs (valuable products and services) and make a greater return than the opportunity.