Harness Your Power As A Woman Leader

On April 11th, 2018, Corporita Academy in collaboration with Feminine Harbor presented its special program for aspiring women leaders to develop their leadership skills to succeed in work, school and life.

Part 1

Pink AND Blue: How to harness your feminine leadership power

Part 2

Radical Self-Leadership: The first step to become a leader

** All participants will receive a 30-minutes coaching session via video conferencing with one of our Leadership Coaches.

** This workshop is part of Corporita’s Leadership Incubator Program.


Carolina Miranda

Carolina Pereira Miranda is a mother of two incredible girls, who have inspired her to leave the world better than she’s found it. She does this through education and the arts. She’s an elementary teacher, and also the founder of Feminine Harbor, a non-profit organization that creates safe spaces for women’s stories through intersectionalities of generations, ethnicities, and sexual orientation. She holds a Masters of Education, in which she focused on female leadership in Education. She’s also one of the co-ordinators for the Women’s March – Waterloo Region Chapter. She believes women are brilliant, and so she created the LIGHT Stories in order to show their light.

Hanan Awaad

Hanan Awad, MAES, PMP, is the President and Founder of Corporita Inc., a Canadian Business and Management Training, Consulting and Communications firm based in the Waterloo Region. Hanan is also the Editor-in-Chief of Corporita Magazine, an online magazine dedicated to Canadian working women. She is also a show host on Canadawy Radio and Corporita TV. Hanan is actively involved with the community through her past affiliations and current corporate memberships. Hanan believes firmly in volunteering and regularly gives her time to many community organizations. Hanan enjoys writing on and teaching leadership, communication, and management.

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