Give Your Career a Contemporary Twist

By Hanan Awaad, President and Founder of Corporita Inc.

Working 9 to 5 is an old fashion career concept, yet many women are searching for such jobs. Traditional occupational models do not satisfy the increasing need for more mobility, flexibility, and professional development.

Career decision-making is a complicated process that requires taking into consideration many factors. It depends on the individual’s own priorities and values as well as other contextual factors. Also, local job markets conditions such as responsiveness and availability play a critical role, while the current social changes resulted in the diminish of the corporate loyalty and personal stability as valued attributes of our professional lives.  On the other hand, mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers caused layoffs and downsizing that shifting corporate cultures and lower levels of job satisfaction.

Three leading contemporary career concepts emerged as a result of all the factors mentioned above and changes boundaryless career, protean career and kaleidoscope career. Corporita Magazine has invited three professionals to talk about their experience in exploring emerging contemporary career models.


In the boundaryless career model, you take the responsibility of your career path.  It is suitable for those professionals who work in knowledge and creative industries such as creative writing; film production, software and applications developments. Some organizations encourage the boundaryless career model as these organizations do not maintain a fixed static organizational structures and depend on forming temporary teams working on separate projects.

After working in Kuwait for ten years in a software company, Priya Sharma immigrated to Canada to work for leading software development company. A few months later, Priya found herself extremely stressed and burnt out, so, she decided to work as a freelancer.

Working as a freelancer software developer gave Priya many advantages over traditional 9-to-5 career model. “It gave me mobility that allowed me to visit my family in India more frequent and provide care to my mother,” Priya said. Priya continues “it also gave me the flexibility to develop my skill-set and knowledge beyond the traditional organizational career development plans … it also gave me the opportunity to build my professional network and work with teams across the globe.”


With the changing work environment, the versatility of markets and the increasing diversified backgrounds of professionals, the Protean career model gives those professionals who choose this model more job satisfaction than traditional jobs.  According to a recent study by the University of Texas, Protean Career Model focuses on psychological success rather than vertical success[1]

Barbara Palino chose to work in the rising market of medical tourism two years ago. After working as a nurse in Italy for many years, Barbara decided t explore opportunities in other fields. After a series of career changes from the pharmaceutical industry to residential care to health promotion, Barbara decided to explore the field of medical tourism. She explained to Corporita.“ being able to use my skills in different industries, gave me some opportunities to develop other skills, face challenges and build relationships across various sectors.”

This career model inspires professionals to improve their learning skills, widen their knowledge base and become highly adaptable. It also enables professionals to become more resourceful and independent.


As workplaces are becoming more diverse with many professionals from different cultures and background, the work environment resembles a multi-color pattern.  Emma Williams, a sales engineer in significant Australian construction company, stated that her company was very interested in workplace diversity that they hired a designated manager to manage diversity and inclusion. “ I was keen to join a company that appreciates multiculturalism” Emma elaborates, “to me, it is a challenge to engage my team members in activities that allow continuous learning and provide many opportunities for growth on the individual level and as a team.


Reflecting on what we learned from our interviewees and our team at Corporita Magazine, we discovered the careers are developing at an unprecedented speed. The increasing employee mobility across national and international borders, virtual teams, workplace diversity, and globalization are some factors birthing new career models. Only those professionals who keep their minds open maintain high levels of employability. Moreover, the new flexible career options enable many career women to cultivate a more balanced lifestyle, more professional and personal growth opportunities and feel more satisfied and fulfilled.

[1] Chicago: PROTEAN CAREER – The University of Texas at Dallas, (accessed October 25, 2016).