Not all businesses accomplish what they aim at, especially when employees are disengaged and the job satisfaction at its lowest level. Corporita Consulting helps businesses, companies and organizations improve performance and corporate culture by aligning its operational systems and talent strategy to company’s strategic objectives.

Our team has developed performance improvement practices to enable our clients to maintain the highest return on their investments in training and development, agile and lean management initiatives and talent management.

What we do:

Corporate Culture And Talent Strategy

Starting with organizational assessment our team will conduct stakeholder analysis, organize focus groups, conduct interviews, and use other tools to perform in-depth organizational diagnostics and analysis. Based on the assessment, the team will recommend strategies for the optimal organizational design and operational model to move from the current state to the desired one.

Agile And Lean Management

We live in the era of agile and lean business practices. Corporita’s team of certified consultants with extended experience in implementing agile and lean management are ready to help you take your business to the next level by increasing quality, implementing incremental developments, and creating rapid feedback loops to achieve the desired objectives.

Training and Development

For a business to grow, it has to invest in training, development, and learning. Our Training and Development services support businesses in maximizing their internal customers’ potential by developing individual career and performance development goals and cultivate their leadership capabilities. Our services include:

  • Training and Development Needs
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Training and Development Plans.
  • Develop Mentoring Programs.
  • Women’s Leadership Training Programs.
  • Diversity Training Programs.
  • Specialized Training, Workshops, and Seminars.