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Streamline and Simplify Your Business: 5 Phases Consulting Service Package for Creating Efficient and Powerful Business Processes

  Every business, no matter how large or small, has regular business processes to manage. These are everyday tasks like submitting invoices, writing, and publishing blog posts and answering customer queries. Even a freelancer or solo entrepreneur has to have established workflows to get everything done efficiently. Sometimes these processes need to be improved and tightened up.

You may not realize it, but you may be wasting resources. Money, time, and labour might be spilling out here and there. You may find yourself bogged down in the mundane daily tasks that keep you from getting more important work done. The result is that you’re earning less than you should be. Inefficient processes can also hurt your customer service, company culture, and stress level.

Businesses regularly revisit these processes and look for ways of improving them for better efficiency. They take one task and use a system for analyzing the process, identifying problems, and implementing solutions. Improvements happen one task at a time rather than in one massive overhaul of the company operations.

In this Consulting Service Package, we will engage with your team in a five-phase process to streamline your own business.

Phase (1): Identify Business Processes to Simplify

The first phase includes steps to identify the area(s) where your business is struggling. You might already have a good idea of some task that needs streamlining, but our team will perform a complete deep investigation on time-consuming; highest impact and the most expensive tasks . Business processes can involve many areas such as:

  • Customer service and support
  • Product development
  • Sales processes
  • Recruiting employees
  • Online or offline marketing
  • Management of staff
  • Accounting and managing cash flow


Phase (2): Map Out the Process

Once the team has identified the process(s) to be simplified, we will map it out. Our experts will create a visual workflow from start to finish so that you can see the task in big-picture form at a glance. A flowchart is a good way to do this, but a bullet point list of tasks will do as well. We don’t want to overcomplicate our simplification process!

We will include in detail every single step along the way to getting this task completed, and the resources you use at each step, including human resources. We will also document every detail, action, and decision.

At this stage, it’s good also to identify the goal of the task. Sometimes keeping the goal in mind helps you see steps that you can cut. There might be a step that doesn’t help in attaining the goal.

Phase (3): Analyze Your Workflow

Using the process maps and other representations we created including the detailed steps, we will find areas that can be removed, tightened up or improved. We will highlight Bottlenecks, Communication Relays, Confusion, Lack of Visibility, Integration Issues, High Costs, Delays, Missing Steps, Disordered Steps and more.

Phase (4): Redesign the Process for Better Efficiency

Starting again with the goal of the task, our team in collaboration with you and your team will redesign the process and the overall workflow so that it removes the problems identified, focusing on removing duplicate tasks, widening bottlenecks, saving on costs, cutting down on time, delegating or outsourcing tasks, and automating tasks or parts of tasks

Once you and your team has agreed on a change, our team will create a new diagram or flowchart of the task incorporating the change.

Phase (5): Implement and Test

Our service includes a trial period. As you will implement the new or the modified process,  our team will keep providing you support and feedback. Note that when there are changes to working processes, there is often resistance on the part of employees. Be prepared for this. We can help in facilitating follow-up meetings and gathering opinions and feedback.


This short report just outlines the basics of this service. For more information, or to book a Do-It-Yourself full-day hands-on workshop, please email us

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