Content Marketing

The focused creation of valuable contents, distributed consistently to your target audience will build your e-brand , attract new prospects and retain existing customers.

Our ultimate goal is to help you boost your customer traction, build momentum and strategically create targeted contents. Our process has three main phases: strategize, line-up and actualize.


Corporita will work closely with you to strategize your content marketing efforts. We will brainstorm and craft a content marketing strategy that aligns your communication channels you’re your strategic goals. In this stage, we will also develop customer personas and understand your targeted audience.


Once that strategy is crafted and approved, the core team will create a content/editorial calendar that specifies dates and different types of deliverables matching the right communication channel to maximize the return on your investment.


Finally, the core team in collaboration with our in-house content creators will work on creating and developing the planned deliverables based on the approved content.

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Our Packages

Every month, our team will research, ghost-write and edit blog posts that our clients can post on their website or send to their email list. Each blog will also include a designed featured picture and tweetable statements that they can post to their social media accounts.
The client will be the owner of the copyright of the developed materials. All contents will be written and edited by subject-matter experts and researchers and will include links to reliable online sources to build backlinks and increase the ranking of the website.

1. Bronze

Includes one blog of 500 words, one featured picture and two tweetable statements.

2. Silver

Includes two blog posts of 500 words each, one featured image per post and three tweetable statements per post.

3. Gold

Includes four blog posts of 500 words each, two featured pictures per article and three tweetable statements per article.

4. Platinum

Includes eight blog posts of 500 words each, two featured picture per article and five tweetable statements per article.

5. Diamond (Annual Plan)

Includes a complete editorial yearly calendar with blog titles, keywords (used for Search Engine Optimization), nine blog posts per month, each of 500 words, 2 featured pictures per article and five tweetable statements, and one infographic.