Brand Positioning

Whether you call it inbound marketing, publications, branded media, or corporate journalism, the core strategy is the same. The primary objective of this service is to enable you and your business to create engaging, informative and valuable contents to attract new clients and provide your existing one with value-adding knowledge.

Content Creation and Marketing

Our integrated solution includes:

  1. Developing the right content marketing strategy with defined goals (i.e. traffic acquisition, sales conversion, traction, e-branding)
  2. Developing customer persona through collecting information using surveys, focus groups, and feedback; identifying the main characteristics of your customers.
  3. Partnering with you as your marketing guru to create new forms of online and offline media to respond to your customers’ needs.
  4. Planning and developing an editorial calendar and a style guide and implementing a content management system to maintain the whole process running smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Assigning a project team of a project manager; a digital marketing strategist; subject matter experts to compile, write and edit the content (blogs, white-papers, offers, newsletters, email campaigns, e-books, digital magazines, case-studies, etc.); designer and SEO and a social media expert or a community manager.

The assigned team will work closely with you and your team to implement the strategy and submit frequent reports, measuring the results of the strategy implementation and ROI and recommending modifications and new tools.



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